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Original Ford Tri Motor plane spends weekend flying over Wayne County

Inside Ford Tri-motor
Steering Wheel Onside Ford Tr--motor
Instrument Panel Inside Ford Tri-motor
Pilot Inside Ford Tri-Motor
Passengers Inside Ford Tri-motor
Rear View Of Ford Tri-motor

If you noticed an increase of activity in the sky over Wayne County recently, it was none other than a restored Ford Tri Motor aircraft. The vintage plane, one of the first in commercial aviation, spent the weekend giving eager visitors a glimpse of what early air travel was like.

While the plane offered few amenities, comforts and conveniences of modern aircraft. Everyone enjoyed their experience, especially 96-year old Susan Maksymicz of Fairport, New York, who was in town to visit her daughter, Arlene. She enjoyed it so much that she was on her second trip.

“I went up once,” she said, smiling as she exited the craft. “I really enjoyed it and decided to come back and do it again.”

Rides lasted about 20 minutes, and by the time Pilot John Maxfield landed, a new line of people was formed. “I have been up about about 20 times so far,” he said. “And we are only halfway through the day.”

Ford Tri Motor Fast Facts

Cruise Speed — 122 mph

Range — 560 miles

Ceiling — 18,500 feet

Wingspan — 77 feet 6 inches

Length — 50 feet 3 inches

Height — 12 feet 8 inches

Maximum Seating — 12

Turning Radius — 60 feet

Fuel Capacity — 277-355 gallons


For information about the Wayne County Airport, visit www.wayneairport.com and be sure to see the photo gallery at www.instagram.com/wayne_county_oh.


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