• Soldier's Monument

  • Wayne County Courthouse

  • Barnes Preserve

  • Wayne County Airport

  • William J. Robertson Nature Preserve

  • Streeter amphitheater

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Photo of a combination solar and wind farm
WAYNE COUNTY, OHIO, Wednesday, May 3, 2023 — Many citizens may not realize that our county is being targeted for large-scale renewable energy facilities that would have a major...
Funding graphic by county
WAYNE COUNTY, OHIO, Friday, April 21, 2023 — Wayne County will receive $15 million in matching funds from the State of Ohio for the renovation of the jail. “We are very thankful to...
Medway Logo
WAYNE COUNTY, OHIO, April 21, 2023 — A two-year investigation has led to drug trafficking charges being filed against 18 individuals, some from Wayne County. According to Fox 8...
Wayne County Municipal Court Building
COLUMBUS, Ohio, April 14, 2023 — Ohio Governor Mike DeWine today announced the appointment of Nathan Shaker to the Wayne County Municipal Court.  Shaker, of Wooster, will assume...

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