About Wayne County

Picture of a red barn in a field.

Organization of Wayne County in 1812

Wayne County was organized under an Act of the Legislature of the State of Ohio, bearing date January 4, 1812, to take effect on the 1st day of March thereafter.  The Act provides, “that the county of Wayne be and the same is hereby organized into a separate county.”  The same law provided that the people of the county should elect county officers, on the first Monday of April, 1812, to hold their offices until the next annual election.  To the year 1810, Wayne county was one entire township, by the name of Killbuck, called after the old Indian chief of that name.  (-taken from History of Wayne County, Ohio.)

As of the U.S. Census 2010 Population for Cities, Villages, and Townships in Wayne County, the population was 114,520, with a growth of 2.6% since 2000.

Wayne County consists of 499 miles of county roads, 489 bridges that span 10′ or greater, and 563 miles of township roads.  The land area in square miles is 555 square miles.  (taken from http://www.wayne-county-engineer.com/infrastructure,_bridges_&_roads/def….)