Major Construction on SR 83

Major Construction on SR 83

WAYNE COUNTY, OH, Mar. 14, 2022 — The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) District 3 is beginning work on the State Route 83 Major Reconstruction project. The project extends from the U.S. 30/SR 83 interchange ramps to just north of Friendsville Road, located in the city of Wooster. The current pavement has reached the end of its useful life and needs to be replaced. Beginning March 14, crews will start pavement repairs and pre-phase work, from just south of U.S. 30 to Milltown Road. Minor work will be performed at the bottom of the SR 3 south ramp to SR 83. Traffic will be maintained one lane in each direction with 11’ lane widths.  

The project includes pavement replacement along SR 83 and along SR 3 (Cleveland Road), from SR 83 to Milltown Road. The removal of the deteriorated concrete pavement along SR 83 will be replaced with asphalt pavement, and the concrete pavement along the ramps will be replaced. In addition to the resurfacing work, the project also includes:

  • Drainage repairs
  • Updated pavement markings, raised pavement markers, and guardrail
  • Bridge rehabilitation work
  • Culvert repairs
  • Installing vandal protection fence on the SR 585 bridge over SR 83

As part of the reconstruction work, the shoulders on the SR 585 interchange loop ramps will be widened, and merge areas will be increased on the entrance ramps from U.S. 30 westbound, and the SR 585 ramp to SR 83 northbound. The SR 3 northbound ramp to Cleveland Road will also be changed from a two-lane exit to a one-lane exit. Additionally, the sight distance on SR 83 northbound, south of the SR 3 interchange, will be improved.

**This project was awarded to Kokosing Construction Company Inc. for approximately $30 million and has an expected completion date of October 2023.**

For continued updates to the project, or to view the most current traffic impacts, please visit the project website: SR 83 Major Rehabilitation | Ohio Department of Transportation or visit Ohio Department of Transportation | and type the Project Identification Number, 91095, into the search bar.

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