RecoveryOhio Grants Awarded

RecoveryOhio Grants Awarded

COLUMBUS, OH, July 8, 2021 – Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced today that more than two dozen local drug task forces in Ohio will receive RecoveryOhio grant funding to support efforts that disrupt the drug trade and promote substance use awareness, prevention, and recovery.

A total of $2 million in grants from Governor DeWine’s RecoveryOhio Law Enforcement Fund will be awarded among 27 existing drug task forces to intensify their efforts to identify high-level drug traffickers, dismantle large drug trafficking organizations, interrupt the flow of money and drugs from Mexican cartels, and prevent the sale of illegal narcotics to those suffering from substance use disorder.
RecoveryOhio Law Enforcement Grants

Grant funding will also be used to support the mission of Governor DeWine’s RecoveryOhio initiative which aims to increase substance use and mental health awareness, implement age-appropriate prevention education in schools, connect those who need help with treatment, and promote recovery.

“Local drug task forces are the first line of defense against the traffickers who are putting drugs into the hands of those battling addiction,” said Governor DeWine. “This funding will provide vital tools in the area of drug use prevention, education, and treatment that will promote effective strategies to reduce the prevalence of substance use disorders and overdoses.”

Governor DeWine established the RecoveryOhio Law Enforcement Fund to provide existing drug task forces with additional resources to intercept illegal drugs and enhance their role in substance use awareness, prevention, and recovery. Funding for these grants was awarded as part of the biennium budget approved by the Ohio General Assembly for 2020-2021. The continuance of the fund was among Governor DeWine’s priority budget items for the new biennium, and the Ohio General Assembly dedicated $5 million to the program over the 2022-2023 budget year.

A full list of award recipients can be found HERE.

The program is being administered by the Ohio Office of Criminal Justice Services.