WAYNE COUNTY, OH, Sep. 6, 2023 — The Wayne County Fair is a bustling and vibrant event where people come together to enjoy thrilling rides, indulge in fair food, and experience the excitement of live entertainment. However, one safety issue often arises amidst the fun and festivities – the lack of reliable cellular phone service.

The lack of reliable cellular phone service has been addressed on multiple occasions. Last spring, representatives from the Wayne County Senior Fair Board, Wayne County Emergency Management, Wayne County Sheriff’s Office, Wooster Police and Fire, and 911 dispatch services met with one of the area’s popular cellular phone service providers to discuss the issue. In July, the company contacted the Wayne County Emergency Management Agency Director Barb Pittard and said they have chosen not to address the issue at this time.

“We encourage all cellular phone customers experiencing a lack of service to contact the company directly with any concerns,” Pittard said. “Because this is beyond our control, we ask that you make prior meeting arrangements with your family and friends while visiting the fair.”

With the fairgrounds sprawling over a vast area, it is not uncommon for visitors to face spotty or no reception on their cell phones, leading to potential safety concerns. The lack of communication can be worrisome at a time when staying connected is crucial, especially in crowded public spaces.

“If you are coming to pick up a child, you may not be able to contact them by cell phone, so it is essential to establish a pre-determined meeting place and time,” Pittard continued. “You also want to establish a planned meeting place with your children if you become separated while enjoying the fair.”

Safety officials in Wayne County also recommend that fairgoers with allergies or medical conditions bring things like Epi-pens and inhalers and know where the Red Cross building is located (immediately west of the grandstands) for any medical issues that may arise while at the fair.

For additional information, visit waynecountyfairohio.com.

And the Favorite is…

And the Favorite is…

WAYNE COUNTY, OH, Sep. 2019 — In an effort to familiarize Wayne County Voters with new voting machines, the Board of Elections held a mock vote during the Wayne County Fair. The Democrat and Republican Parties agreed to host the demonstrations at their respective booths. The results have been tallied and the results for the favorite in each category are as follows:

Favorite Fair Sweet Treat
Donuts – 43.8%
Ice cream – 28.4%
Top write-ins — cheesecake, deep-fried Oreos

Favorite Fair Food
Chicken BBQ – 40.2%
Sausage sandwich – 21.3%
Top write-ins — fries, pork sandwich, gyros

Favorite Fair Entertainment
Grandstand music shows – 35.0%
Tractor pull – 30.0%
Top write-ins — horse racing, rides/midway

Favorite Fair Place to Visit
Animal barns – 43.5%
Commercial buildings – 17.8%
Top write-in — new event center

If you didn’t get an opportunity to try the new machines, the Board of Elections will be hosting an Open House on Monday, Oct. 7, 2019, which is also the last day to register for the 2019 General Election. Details for the open house will be released soon. For updates on the open house and other election-related items visit www.votewayne.org.


By Dan Starcher, public communications specialist for the Wayne County government.

Fair Conversations

Fair Conversations

WAYNE COUNTY, OH, Sep. 2019 — If you want to strike up a conversation with your elected officials during the Wayne County Fair, here are some current projects being worked on. 

— Justice System (including jail renovation, alternative corrections, and juvenile detention alternatives)

— Drug Takeback

— Household Hazardous Material Pickup

— County Comprehensive Plan Vision

Feel free to ask questions or share your opinion. Download a .pdf version of these topics HERE.


By Dan Starcher, public communications specialist for the Wayne County government.