by | May 16, 2024

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COLUMBUS, OH, MAY 16, 2024 — The Ohio Emergency Management Agency (Ohio EMA), National Weather Service Wilmington (NWS Wilmington) Forecast Office, and Lamar Advertising announced the launch of the Ohio Traveler Alert System (OTAS). During severe weather incidents, the OTAS will display real-time alert information on digital billboards to help ensure that motorists are aware of the potential for threatening weather.

The initial phase of this program will include 50 billboards in the metropolitan areas of Dayton and Columbus. The billboards will display important weather information as needed regarding severe weather, such as high winds, snow squalls, heavy ice, and flooding. This system is intended to supplement – not replace – other real-time alert resources such as television and radio broadcasts and real-time weather apps.

“The Ohio Traveler Alert System is a great way to keep Ohioans and visitors safe and aware on the roads,” said Sima Merick, Ohio Emergency Management Agency Executive Director. “This potentially lifesaving project will provide critical weather updates to Ohio travelers.”

Communication and messaging in the form of billboard alerts is key to travelers who may not be familiar with their surrounding area and the weather hazards that they may encounter, as well as all drivers who are not aware of impending severe weather. This may also help to provide needed information to those living within the area of the billboards.

After evaluating the success of the billboards in Dayton and Columbus, the program is expected to expand to other parts of the state.

To learn more about OTAS, visit EMA.Ohio.Gov

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