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Health Benefits Manual

Cover Pages

Table of Contents

Section 1: Wellness Program (PPO Plan)

Section 1: Consumer Incentive (High Deductible Plan Only)

Section 2: Medical (PPO Plan)

Section 2: Medical (High Deductible Plan Only)

Section 2: Medical SPD (Both Plans)

Section 3: Prescriptions (PPO Plan)

Section 3: Prescriptions (For High Deductible Plan, please print the other Prescription file, but include the first page of this file and replace the rest of the pages on this file as appropriate)

Section 4: Dental

Section 4: Dental SPD

Section 5: Vision

Section 6: HIPAA

Section 7: COBRA

Section 8: AD&D Life Insurance

Section 8: Life Insurance Book

Section 9: EAP

Section 10: Contact and Annual