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Weekly Drought Report

A globe showing the USA

WAYNE COUNTY, OH, Aug. 23, 2021 — This is the twenty-second Weekly Drought Report for the 2021 meteorological season; and including reports from the previous season, this is the 59th consecutive week that a weekly drought report has been distributed. The portion of the state that is experiencing at least Abnormally Dry (D0) conditions was reduced by nearly half this week, from 26.13% to 15.94%. The portion of the state that was impacted by Moderate Drought (D1) conditions remained at 0.0%. As can be seen in the national-level Drought Monitor Maps, below, drought conditions to the west remained static, while drought conditions in upper-Midwest states intensified again this week. The U.S. Drought Monitor can be accessed at: https://droughtmonitor.unl.edu.