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Update On Wayne County Government Service Status.

Wayne County Administration Building

Update On Service Status:

Wayne County Government Operations

While all Wayne County Government offices remain in full operation, cautionary actions are being taken due to the COVID-19 pandemic currently require restricting public access.  Instead the public is requested, as much as possible, to conduct business via email, phone, Internet or U.S. mail.

As of Monday, April 6, 2020 the following county services are operating as listed here:

Airport: remains open .... but is closed to the non-traveling public. 330-669-9212

Auditor’s Office: continues its operations and public services, but is not offering in-person access in the office at this time. Telephone, drop box, email, Internet and U.S. mail are available for transacting business. 330-287-5430 [ more information ]

Board of Elections: is accepting applications for absentee mail ballots for primary election 2020. [ more information ]

Building Department: continues providing its services, though doors are closed to the public. This revises the submittal and permitting process.  330-287-5525 [ more information ]

Bureau of Motor Vehicles: is closed by direct order of the Governor until further notice.

Care Center: is fully functional, but closed to visitors. 330-262-1786

Child Support: Apply for services, find payment options, and find & submit forms on this website. E-mail at Wayne_CC@jfs.ohio.gov or via direct-message through the child support web-portal. 330-287-5600

Children Services: Lobby and building remains open to the public. "Normal" operations with process adjustments.  However, we are requesting all contact be by phone.  We have posted that info on our website.  I have attached our poster to this email for your reference. 330-345-5340

Clerk of Courts Office: for the Common Pleas and Municipal Courts remains open during normal working hours to process filings and payments. Public access is being strictly monitored with very few individuals allowed into the buildings. Payments and filings may be done electronically, by mail or in the drop box at the Municipal Courthouse.  330-287-5590 or 330-287-5650

Clerk of Courts -- Auto Title Office: Wooster Title office remains open during normal business hours to process dealer titles only.  Orrville Auto Title location is temporarily closed. Passport applications and watercraft registrations are currently suspended.  330-287-5470

Commissioners’ Office: continues to provide its services, by telephone, email, Internet, U.S. mail and a dropbox located outside the office door, located in the lower level of the County Administration Building, 428 West Liberty St., in Wooster. Public meetings are being held remotely, which are accessible to the public by phone or Internet connection. Register for regular Wednesday meetings HERE   330-287-5400

Common Pleas Court: issued an administrative order detailing temporary procedures for domestic relations cases, which has been made available to all affected parties, and is reviewing all other matters on a case-by-case basis. The Court will not be conducting jury trials through April 30, 2020. Any inquiries regarding an upcoming hearing should be directed to the administrative assistant for the assigned Judge or Magistrate.  This contact information, as well as all updates regarding the Court’s operating status, is available at www.waynecourtofcommonpleas.org.  330-287-5530

Coroner's Office: will be operating 24 hours per day. To protect the public, we are employing daily temperature checks of employees and will be wearing protective equipment as recommended by the CDC. Staff can be reached at 330-345-5891 and leave a message.

Dog Shelter:  continues to provide its services, but public access is limited to appointment only. Persons interested in adoption or volunteering need to call for an appointment. 330-345-1018

Environmental Services (Sewer): is continuing to accept payments by mail or by placing into the drop box located next to the Commissioners’ office door located on the lower level of the Administration building at 428 W. Liberty St.  330-287-5400

Health Department: [ information ]

Job & Family Services: lobbies remain open during regular business hours. However personal contact is strictly limited. There are no face-to-face meetings. Contacts are handled via internet, email, phone, and fax. 330-287-5800 Toll Free 1-877-612-5800 Fax: 330-287-5899.

Map Office: Call if there are questions. 330-287-5495

Planning: continues to provide its services, but is strictly restricting in-person access at this time. Telephone, dropbox, email, Internet and U.S. mail are available for transacting business. Phone 330-287-5420 [ more information ]

Probate and Juvenile Court: is converting hearings to occur through Zoom video conferencing or telephone. Filings are encouraged to be e-filed or mailed to the Court. [ more information ] Juvenile: 330-287-5561; Probate: 330-287-5575

Prosecutor’s Office: continues to provide services, but alternatives to in-person meetings are greatly encouraged. Public access is being limited to lobby only at this time. 262-3030

Public Defender’s Office: is attempting to limit as much face-to-face contact as possible. In the alternative, the office is scheduling phone appointments with clients. Face-to-face appointments may occur but only if absolutely necessary. In some cases, the courts are waiving clients' appearances or allowing them to appear by phone or video for certain hearings. Clients who are unsure if they need to attend a hearing in person, should call their attorney for further guidance. 330-287-5490.

Recorder’s Office: The Office is doing business with social distancing in order to conduct business but protect the public and employees. [ website ] 330 287 5460 [ more information ]

Sheriff’s Office/jail: Call if there are questions. 330-287-5700

Soil and Water: is continuing normal operations during regular work hours. However, the doors are locked due to office configuration preventing adequate social distancing and other health concerns. Construction Application for Permit (CAP) forms are available on a table in the hallway next to a tray to drop completed CAP’s or any inquiries to the office. Office staff will move applications through the review process. Patience is requested in working with this new process and suggestions for process improvement are welcomed. 330-263-5376 [ more information ]

Treasurer’s Office: continues to provide its services, but lobby doors are temporarily closed to the public. [ more information ]

Veterans’ Service Center: 330-345-6638

Visitor and Convention Bureau: 330-264-1800


Building Department: will continue to provide its permit services and inspections, but is restricting in-person access to the office.  330-287-5525

Telephone, email, U.S. mail or other delivery services, dropbox & floor bin are available as described below: Phone:330-287-5525 from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.  Email: buildingcode@wayneoh.or. Mail: Plans and completed applications can be sent to the Wayne County Building Department, 428 West Liberty Street, Wooster, OH 44691.

Wall Dropbox: is for permit payments only (see payment section below for more details) and is located outside the office door in the lower level of the County Administration Building, 428 West Liberty Street, Wooster during regular business hours.

Payments: Checks and credit cards are the only forms of payment that we are currently accepting. Checks can be mailed or left in the wall dropbox. Please put the address of the project on the check memo line for proper account credit. Credit card payments may be made over the phone during normal business hours.

Floor Bin: This bin is for drop off of plans and permit applications and is also located outside the office door.  All submittals require a completed application, available on the table outside the office door or at this website: https://www.wayneohio.org/permits-license. There may also be other forms required to be submitted for a particular type of permit; please call if there are questions.


Planning: The office will continue to provide its services, but is closed to in-person access at this time. Telephone, drop box, email, Internet and U.S. mail are available for transacting business, as described below: Phone: 330-287-5420 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Drop Box: This is for regular-sized documents and is located outside the door to the commissioners’ office in the lower level of the County Administration Building, 428 West Liberty St., Wooster during regular hours.

Large Documents: Surveys, or other large documents, must be dropped at the Map Office on the main floor in a specific area dedicated to the Planning Department.

Mail: Wayne County Planning Department, 428 West Liberty St., Wooster, OH 44691

Payment: Checks are the only payment being accepted, should be made payable to the Wayne County Commissioners and mailed or placed in the drop box.

Technical Review Committee (TRC) applications: These are available for download at this link https://www.wayneohio.org/agencies-departments/administration-building/planning-department and are best submitted via email to pwearstler@wayneohio.org


Recorder’s Office: The Office is doing business with social distancing in order to conduct necessary business but protect the public and employees. [ more information ] 330-287-5460

The office is open with these precautions:

  • If you are sick, please do not come in.
  • We have re-arranged the office a bit for mutual protection.
  • We are disinfecting regularly.
  • If you are just coming to get a copy, please call or email first.
  • We are limiting to 10 persons at a time in the office.
  • Our indexes are online at www.countyfusion7.kofiletech.us

Please call if you have any questions that we can answer over the phone.


Soil and Water: Staff is continuing normal operations during regular work hours, however, the doors will be locked. This is as of noon on Thursday, March 19, 2020. In light of the COVID-19 social distancing recommendations from the State of Ohio and Ohio Department of Health, the configuration of our office not allowing for providing a consistent six foot separation distance and the delay in exhibiting symptoms after contracting the virus, for the safety of our staff and the public our Board of Supervisors has approved this action. A table has been placed in the hallway for applicants to complete the Construction Application for Permit (CAP) and a tray for them to place the completed CAP’s or any inquiries they may have for our office. Our phone and e-mail contact information is available to the public on the table so that they can contact us with any questions they may have.  We will be attentive to collecting the CAP’s and distributing them to the appropriate offices to facilitate the approval of the CAP as efficiently as possible with this new process. Our office strongly believes that our primary purpose is to serve the public, however, in these unprecedented times we must balance that with the health of our staff.  We feel that this option, while not perfect, is the best compromise to meet both of these goals at this time.  This process is new to us and we know that it will evolve and we welcome any concerns that you may have and any suggestions from your office on how to make it better. The process will not be as quick as the procedure has been in the past for those “walking the CAP through for signatures,” however, we feel this is the best compromise for keeping the CAP process moving and addressing safety concerns.  We are aware this is a new process and will need to be adjusted and modified.  Please let us know of any suggestions that you might have to help improve this new normal...until we can get back to normal.


Treasurer’s Office: The office team will continue to provide its services, but its doors will be closed to the public starting Monday, March 23, 2020, until further notice.

How to Contact the Treasurer’s Office:

Treasurer’s Office will be available for phone calls and e-mail

Tuesday – Thursday 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Phone: 330-287-5450

E-mail: treasurer@co.wayne.oh.us

How to make a tax payment:

Mail: 428 West Liberty St. Wooster, OH 44691

Dropbox:   Located in front of the Administration Building

Credit Card, Debit Card, or e-check Online at www.waynecountytreasurer.org **Please note there is a fee to pay by card or e-check**

Credit Card by phone 877-823-5165 **Please note there is a fee to pay by credit card**

Online bill pay through your online bank account

Please include a current phone number on checks

Mobile Home Transfers:

Call to find out if any taxes are owed

Use the Wayne County Auditor’s drop box located outside their office to place the title and checks for any conveyance fees or taxes. Both offices will place a stamp on the approved title and will mail title back.

Please include a phone number, e-mail & self-addressed stamped envelope

***The title is not considered transferred until a new title is obtained at the title office.

The Treasurer’s Office takes our duty to serve and protect the public very seriously. We believe the changes outlined above position us to respond effectively to the threat of Covid-19 and to continue providing service to our community.  We appreciate your continued patience and understanding as we navigate these uncharted circumstances together and look forward to the return of normal business operations as soon as possible.