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National Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Group poses with proclamation

The Wayne County Commissioners — Ron Amstutz, Becky Foster and Sue Smail — held their weekly meeting this morning inside the County Administration Building. Among the items on the agenda was a proclamation recognizing October as National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Ron Amstutz read the proclamation that stated facts about victims of domestic abuse. "Nearly 20 people per minute are victims of domestic violence by a domestic partner in the U.S.," Amstutz said, reading from the proclamation. "Domestic Violence affects Americans regardless of income, race, gender or socioeconomic status."

Disproportionately, women make up higher number of victims and from three to 10 million children witness domestic violence in their homes. "This month we renew our committment to support and protect victims, hold perpetrators accountable and prevent violence before it starts," Amstutz continued as he called on all citizens to condemn domestic violence and support survivors.