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Multiple Job Opportunites

Picture of people in a circle expresing teamwork in the workplace

WAYNE COUNTY, OH, June 11, 2021 — Would you like to serve the public, have job stability, great benefits, and a great retirement plan? How about 10 paid holidays per year, ample sick and vacation leave? Wayne County is the place! Find more information at www.wayneohio.org/employment-opportunities. Questions? Call (330) 287-5409.

  • Do you love keeping things organized and running smoothly? Apply for ADMINISTRATIVE SECRETARY (full-time position, 6/23/21 deadline).
  • Do you love being detail-oriented? Apply for LEGAL ASSISTANT (part-time position, 6/17/21 deadline).
  • Do you love technology and problem-solving? Apply for COMPUTER TECHNICIAN (full-time position, 6/25/21 deadline). 
  • Do you love to record files and keep documents organized? Apply for MICROFILM CLERK (full-time position, 6/23/21 deadline).