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Dog Shelter and Adoption Center



We are a county operated dog shelter that is responsible for caring for the stray dogs in Wayne County, Ohio.   Our shelter is funded primarily on the sale of dog licenses.  We work very hard to reunite dogs with their owners, we provide adoption services, and we offer educational programs on dog care and safety to the community.



The mission of the Wayne County Dog Shelter is to provide temporary shelter, care, and comfort to all stray, abandoned, neglected and injured dogs in Wayne County; to reunite lost dogs with their owners; and to promote a humane and responsible community in Wayne County through education and outreach.



The vision of the Wayne County Dog Shelter is to reduce the stray dog population through the education of dog laws.  We hope to keep Wayne County dogs safe by educating owners on the importance of licensing their dogs and keeping their dogs properly confined according to the Ohio Law. We also hold in high regards spaying and neutering your pet.  By spaying and neutering your pet you will be contributing to reducing the overpopulation of animals and your pet will have a reduced risk of health issues as well.  Specific shelter goals are to return as many dogs as possible to their owners.  We will accomplish these goals through the promotion of dog licenses and by utilizing various media outlets.  We also hope to reach our goal of a 90% successful placement rate.   A successful placement rate would include those dogs that have been adopted, rescued, or owner claimed.   While we do have to euthanize for aggression or serious illness we hope to lower the number of dogs euthanized each year by again promoting responsible pet ownership but by also allowing the dogs sufficient time to adjust to the shelter environment as well as providing training techniques to assist with behavioral concerns.